Scientific Program : Themed sessions

The Local Organizing Committee of the International Congress of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry 2019 is actively working to organize an exciting meeting in Ottawa!


THEMED SESSIONS: Contributed Abstracts

Details will be posted after abstract submission closes, but we anticipate a wide range of session topics, including:

  • Gas transfer: from sensory mechanisms to cardiorespiratory responses
  • Evolution of hypoxia tolerance
  • Coping with environmental thermal challenges
  • Membranes and energy metabolism
  • Physiological implications of body size
  • Energetics of endurance and sprint locomotion
  • Locomotion biomechanics
  • Neurobiology of locomotion
  • The energetics of brain function
  • Neuroethology: linking neural mechanism to adaptive behaviour
  • The physiology of stress: mechanisms to responses
  • Comparative mitochondrial physiology
  • Reproductive physiology across the vertebrates
  • Intergenerational responses to the environment
  • Comparative models in health sciences
  • Physiological basis of individual variation
  • Computational approaches in comparative physiology 
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of acid-base regulation
  • Physiology of ageing
  • Development of physiological phenotypes